Raffle by the Zeitz-Foundation

All proceeds from the campaign will go to the Zeitz Foundation

How it works:

  1. Donate 25€ to the Zeitz Foundation
  2. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with a lottery ticket number
  3. After receipt of payment you will receive a download link with additional information
  4. For every 25€ donation, your lottery ticket number will be entered once in the lottery pot
  5. The draw will take place during the Guitar Summits 2024. The winner's ticket number will be published on the website.

The ZEITZ foundation

strives to inspire and achieve the highest standards of sustainability by balancing conservation, community, culture and commerce in privately managed areas.



CEO Harley-Davidson / Zeitz Foundation

I am personally incredibly excited that master luthiers Joe Striebel and Andreas Cuntz, together with
inlay artist Kian Farzar, have built this unique and outstanding guitar. They have combined their
creativity and highly talented skills to build this exclusive master-built Terz guitar "Winifred".

An instrument with a very special look and such a powerful sound that you wouldn't expect from a
third (interval) guitar - actually a WHOLE guitar with a pleasantly shorter scale length.

Not just a guitar - it is a purely handcrafted work of art! The working hours for this guitar are
incalculable. We have deliberately opted for a raffle. Even if several lots increase the chance of
winning, the chance of winning this guitar remains affordable for everyone.

The Zeitz Foundation has now been active in Kenya/Africa for over 20 years. And as we all know:
Climate change and biodiversity are challenges facing the world today.

The proceeds will help us to support our projects in Kenya, at the Segera Conservancy. 50,000
hectares of wildlife sanctuary has become a biodiversity hotspot to tackle the problems with all our
might - in this important part of Africa.

What an incredible lineup of artists coming together for GITARRENZAUBER May 12th to show off their
best fingerstyle guitar playing - a gathering in the best sense of world music - and to kick off the

The line-up at GUITAR SUMMIT 2024 will be just as exciting and diverse, where the draw will take
place and we can congratulate one lucky new owner of this wonderful guitar!​ Support us by buying a raffle ticket so that this guitar gets what it deserves - it's the most beautiful
guitar I've ever seen!

A big THANK YOU to the builders of this guitar and a big THANK YOU to everyone who takes the
chance and buys one or more raffle tickets to support us, the Zeitz Foundation. Andreas Cuntz, Joe
Striebel and Kian Farzar have already achieved great things by building this unique instrument and
making it available and handing it over to us for the raffle.


Steel-String TERZ Guitar

Joe Striebel | Andreas Cuntz | Kian Farzar

"WINIFRED" limited 1 piece

  • steel string
  • Scale length: 548mm
Details about the guitar

Finest Masterbuilt Guitars

Johannes "Joe" Striebel

We talked to the artists of the GITARRENZAUBER about how to make this musical family get-together bigger - and at the same time MIKE DAWES and MARTIN HARLEY told us about their breathless experiences when they were guests of JOCHEN ZEITZ at the SEGERA CONSERVANCY, KENYA shortly before. It quickly became clear that these projects of the Zeitz Foundation need all the support they can get and must become "bigger" in order to do something good for our planet. It was PETTERI SARIOLA who had the brilliant idea: "Elephants! We need Elephants!" The image of the elephant gang from the DSCHUNGEL BOOK immediately popped into everyone'shead.... Even though this situation strained my laugh muscles for days, even weeks, this image haunted me with serious thoughts and the idea of a special guitar was born, which I only wanted to build together with Andreas Cuntz.

Andreas Cuntz was immediately taken with the idea and we discussed the details of the guitar, especially the use of very long-seasoned woods from our workshops. I developed and built the body, which I sent to Andreas and he adapted his tuning and string pressure-optimized headstock and a particularly supple neck to the dimensions of the Terz guitar.




I thought Joe Striebel's idea was fantastic. I had almost forgotten Petteri Sariola's words "Elephants! We need Elephants!" I had almost forgotten them, but from then on they became unforgettable. The biodiversity in Kenya and the diversity of Jochen Zeitz and the Zeitz Foundation's projects should be reflected in the guitar. Joe Striebel's body and the expected sound were to create a special instrument that would emphasize the ease of playing and at the same time be particularly versatile.

I had a long talk with Joe about how we could visualize our basic idea in the guitar - it was supposed to be a small guitar with a big sound - more like the little one of the elephant gang. The jungle book motif as a basic idea was actually impossible to realize we thought - then KIAN FARZAR came to mind, with whom I had already realized some actually impossible customer wishes. Since Kian can realize all the inlays he can draw, I asked Kian if he could draw the Jungle Book/elephant herd motif - all I had to go on was a short sequence from the Jungle Book film. A few hours later, Joe Striebel and I were amazed when Kian Farzar sent us a pencil drawing. Kian was just as excited about the project as we were and so we all got to work!

I had the honor of contributing the neck and fitting it into Joe's body, then working on and fretting the wonderfully inlaid fingerboard. While working on the fingerboard radius, it became very clear how imaginatively and precisely Kian Farzar has depicted the herd of elephants: from different angles, the elephants' eyes even seem to move and shimmer! And the whole herd of elephants appears so smilingly playful with three-dimensional drawings and patterns!

Painting the pleasant satin finish was a feeling of bliss at the finish line ​After my colleague and master luthier Jakob Reiss had made a suitable bridge, we all met up to string the guitar and set up an optimal setup. And as if out of nowhere, we came up with the right name for the guitar: "WINIFRED"!


Winifred is a female Indian Elephant and a member of the Jungle Patrol. Unlike most Disney mothers,Winifred is snarky and sarcastic, and she never hesitates to remind Hathi of his faults and forgetfulness. However, she is also caring and compassionate for others to the point of worrying about Mowgli's welfare, and she and their son convince Hathi to initiate a search party. (Source: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Winifred)

The result is a thirds guitar that is a real all-rounder - whether fingerpicking or strumming, whether small or large hands. Tuned slightly higher, it develops a magnificent sound and invites you to play in higher registers that are almost impossible to reach with a guitar with a standard scale length.


Inlay Artist

Kian Farzar

When Andreas Cuntz called me, I was on my way home and it was cold. “Do you know the Jungle Book scene where the herd of elephants set off to find Mowgli? I know it's impossible, but can we get it into a fingerboard somehow?” The thought of this scene immediately warmed me up. I could hardly wait to sit down and trace the scene on a piece of paper with a pencil. That very night, a communication group was formed between Joe Striebel, Andreas Cuntz and myself, and I became increasingly enthusiastic about the project. It was CLEAR that I was involved! When Andreas told me that Jochen Zeitz himself was also enthusiastic about my design, there was no turning back.

Over the next few weeks, I selected suitable shimmering mother-of-pearl plates and prepared copper and brass plates. With the jeweler's saw I began to create the first parts and I found more and more details that I wanted to realize. The contrast of brass and copper with mother-of-pearl allows the toes,tusks and tuft of hair of the little elephant to stand out. “Diversity”, “slowing down by small causes” and “confident humor” were the guidelines I was allowed to implement here.The mother-of-pearl pieces in particular, with their natural texture, lend something very special to the final result.

I hope that my contribution to this guitar will help to ensurethat many people take the opportunity to support the Zeitz Foundation by buying one or more tickets. So that our artistic horizon remains characterized by biodiversity in nature in the future. And last but not least, to give the winner the chance to make music on a truly special instrument with muse.

Kian Farzar